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Banner_1a100% grown on Maui Estate Coffees, be assured that every bean was nurtured, carefully selected and hand picked, processed and roasted here on Maui, at our Kula Farm to insure freshness, depth of flavor and the highest of quality.  To take with you, or to ship, these make for unique gifts for family, friends, or excellent “Traveling Gifts” as you go from Hawaii to any of a variety of locations in your journey.  Nothing says “Maui” quite like a gift of our coffee.  Very few items are able to relay the sense of quality as clearly as a gift of our Maui “estate” coffee.  (Click on the Shopping Cart link, (above) to get to our secure Payment site.)

We are presently  sold-out.  (August 31, 2017)  Gabriel, the Hungry Dog, and I, are grateful for the faith and confidence you all have shown in our coffee, and it’s quality and consistency.  We will post on this page when our product levels return to the point where we can market through this web-site again.  For those who have called us, Mahalo for your patience.  For a limited time, a few bags of our product were being sold “off the shelf” at Ah Fook’s Market in Kahului, however the final bag (iliahi) was sold yesterday, July 31, 2017.  We will have more coffee for sale at Ah Fook’s by mid-October, and hopefully will have enough product to market through this website by the Holidays.  Aloha!

We are a member of the Maui Coffee Growers Association.  On Sunday, June 26th, 2016, Maui Coffee Growers Association conducted a “Taste” workshop at Maui Tropical Plantation; primarily for the coffee growers on Maui who are members, of the Association, although others were able to register with MCA.  18 samples were evaluated by the graders.  We will be creating a “Terroir” database related to the different growing environments for the Maui Coffee farms, samples were pulled from this year’s production on our individual farms, including  HungryDog Coffee, Maui.Taste

We recommend our “iliahi” roast, for an outrageous cup of smoothness along with the “clean” flavor inherent in our Arabica typica bean.  As you sip, the rich brew, smell the “hints” of an almost blossom-like “vanilla” aroma drifting up from your cup.

Six farms were at the Maui Mall Entrance courtyard, Sunday March 06th, 2016, for our 5th annual “Meet a Maui Coffee Farmer” event, answering questions, and dispensing free samples of our coffees.  HungryDog Coffee also sold cups of our unique brews, as well as bags of Medium and Dark roast coffees.  Ainoa as well as myself, Iliahi performed at the event, “Throwback” Hapa-Ha`ole and Hawaiian Music.  And, there was Hula, by Kumu Hula Iola Balubar and her Troop, courtesy of the Maui Mall.  Mahalo to the County of Maui, The Maui Mall, and Whole Foods Market, who sponsored this annual event.

We took part in the “Made in Maui County Festival” on November 6th & 7th, 2015, at the MACC, Maui Arts & Cultural Center grounds in Kahului, overlooking the harbor.  We distributed samples of our coffees alongside many of the other Maui Coffee producers, vendors and growers. 

  • November 9th, 2015:  We “Sold Out” at the Made in Maui festival. ‘E Oukou,Mahalo noho’i

Oct. 8th:  Want our cold brew recipe, just click on the “Contact Us” link, (above) and fill out the e-mail form, write “Cold Brew”, and click the Send button.

(There are no restrictions for movement of Roasted Maui Coffees to the US mainland or other countries.)  Click on the “Shopping Cart” link (above) to take you to our order page, or you can order on the Secure Paypal Shopping Cart page; contact me, Nick, on the Contact Page should you have any questions, or comments about our coffee.

恭禧發財  In the Year of the Red Monkey!

Our Bagged coffee is available at Ah Fook’s Market, AhFooks1(At a slightly higher price) when you travel through Kahului town in the central valley of Maui.  Stock up on beverages, speciality cookies from a number of Maui bakers, and Unique local and Chinese snack items, Moon cakes, Gau to commemorate the New Year;  for the drive to Hana; or the “backside” route to Lahaina; enjoy them as you explore the charms of our island. Ah Fook’s is across Ka`ahumanu Highway from The Hawaiian Canoe Club, the Maui Seaside, and Maui Beach hotels on Kahului Harbor Bay.  While there, pickup a bag of our coffee to try when you get back to your ship, condo, or to take home for yourselves, or as gifts.

Other Recent events:

  • HungryDogCoffees–Maui gave out samples of Hot as well as Cold-Brewed Iced Coffees, featuring “iliahi” our Medium Roast, Maui Coffee, at The Whalers Village on Saturday, Sept. 5th.  We sold out our fresh-roasted bags of Medium roast (iliahi) & and also our Dark roast (lehua) Beans.
  • HungryDogCoffees–Maui sold out it’s supply of Iced Cold-Brew coffee made with “iliahi” our Medium Roast, Maui grown coffee, as well as all of our stocks of Iliahi and Lehua (Vienna Roast) bags, at The Maui Tropical Plantation, on August 15th, during our Seed to Cup event.
  • The Montage Kapalua Bay’s “Sidewalk Fair,” on The Kapalua Art Walk,  Sunday, July 12th, and July 19th.  Sold cups of cold brew, and bags of coffee.  A wonderful venue, hope to do it again next year.
  • June the 6th, we were in the MCA Tent at Whalers village, sampling, selling cups of coffee.
  • HungryDog Coffee Maui participated in the the Java and Jacaranda dinner event at the Kula Lodge in Upcountry Maui on May 24th,
  • On Saturday, April 25, 2015 we headed out to the The East Maui Taro Festival at the base of historic Ka`uiki cinder cone; it was the festival’s 23rd year.  See this Hula Presentation of  Halau no Kau`i Kanaka`ole.
  • We gave out samples of our brewed coffee, and sold bags of coffee at a number of other venues on the island, during the year:  Had great fun and food at the Maui County Agricultural Festival  April 04, 2015,
  • On January 10, 2015 we distributed brew samples and sold bags of coffee at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions at Kapalua’s Plantation Course vendor-exhibition area.
  • For the third year in a row, Maui Coffee Association and The Shops at Waile`a sponsored a “Meet the Farmers,” event on January 17, 2015.  HungryDog Coffees, as well as other Maui coffee growers/producers presented.
  • And on Nov 08, 2014 it was the Made in Maui Festival, in the Maui Arts & Cultural Center grounds.

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