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Please note:  August 01, 2017.  We are currently out of product for sale.  We will update this post when we have sufficient quantities for sale.  Mahalo for your understanding.  For a time, limited quantities of our product were being sold “off the shelf” at Ah Fook’s Market in Kahului. However the last bag was purchased yesterday, July 31,2017.  The HungryDog and I hope to have more product on  the shelves at Ah Fook’s in October, and enough supply to again begin selling through this site.  Aloha!  Gabriel & Nick

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Contact me if you have questions or problems.  All coffees are 100% Maui Estate HungryDog Coffee

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“Iliahi” darker Medium Roast  (full city + )  Beans or Ground

$9.00, 4 oz. Beans, “Iliahi,” Medium (Full City +) Roast 

$9.00, 4 oz. Ground, “Iliahi,” Medium (Full City +) Roast 




“Lehua” lighter Dark Roast, (Vienna) Beans or Ground

$9.00, 4 oz. Beans, “Lehua,” Dark (Vienna) Roast 

$9.00, 4 oz. Ground, “Lehua,” Dark (Vienna) Roast 


We Deliver “on Island,” to your hotel or other drop-off point for free, or for a small additional charge. (free in the central valley, $2.00 elsewhere) Text or call me, Nick, to arrange a drop off point. (Don’t click on the “shipping” buttons if you are arranging delivery.)  You may also pay me in full upon delivery.  My local Phone number is on our “Who Are We?” page.


$5.25, Shipping, 1 to 2 bags, US Postal Service *priority-mail, includes tracking, insurance:  to US Destinations only; Click twice for 3 to 4 bags to the same destination. 

$15.25, Shipping, 5 to 12 bags, US Postal Service *priority-mail, includes tracking, insurance:  to US Destinations only; “Click” once for each to the same destination. 

*priority-mail, is a “3 day class of shipping for US Postal Service.  From Hawaii, it may take a day or two longer.

For shipping costs on Larger Quantities or other destinations, or faster services, please use the Contact Us Page on this site, or the (808) area code phone number on the “Who Are We?” page to call or text us. 

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