Brew the flavors of Maui! Scenes from the Farm.

Enjoy the scrolling scenes from our coffee farm, (below)  Move cursor off scene area, or swipe to change scene

Begin with quality coffee, and good water. If you find yourself adding more & more  milk and/or sugar to your cup to off-set “harshness,” you need to buy a better coffee.  Most buyers will brew using a drip method, (paper filters.)  In that instance, a finer grind is a way of extracting more of the flavors from the bean.  (Our ground coffee is distributed as a “drip” grind, unless another grind is requested.)  The rule of thumb is to measure one level tablespoon, (cone shaped coffee measure,) for each six (6) ounces of water to be brewed. French-presses require a slightly coarser grind, so that the “fines” do not end up in the beverage.  A water temperature of 195–205 degrees f (Just below boiling,) is ideal.  Infusion time for the Drip method can be 2.5 to 3 minutes. The Press method requires more time, (about 4 minutes.)  *A summer-seasonal note  Iliahi Roast is ideal for “Cold Brewing” to make a deeply rich and smooth Iced coffee.  Contact us for Instructions.

For K-Cup© users, a low cost reusable basket is available  at retail outlets, Walmart, Amazon among them.

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