What Goes Into Our Bags of 100% Maui Estate Coffees?


Only hand picked, ripe red coffee “cherries” make their way into HungryDog Coffee harvest baskets.  At this stage, the sugars, and other taste elements of the coffee fruit and seed have fully matured; they will eventually contribute to the complex flavor profile of these beans when they are roasted.  The plants themselves have been grown on our farm protected from wind by tiers of two kinds of trees forming wind-brakes, and tended with a focus on sustainability.  (A process whereby all operations on the plantings are “soft” enough to insure that the plantings will be viable, and eco-friendly generations into the future.)  All operations: irrigation, fertility, disease and insect control are conducted utilizing “Low Input” methods where they may be efficacious, with  preference to LISA, Long Term Sustainable imputs, which include:  Minimal soil disturbance; Composting; Drip irrigation; Frequent surveying and Identification of plant pests; Favoring predator populations (bird as well as insect) for control; Using applications of “soft” sprays only when necessary, (i.e. ultra-fine crop oils, soap solutions.)

Ripeningcherries_iThe plants we grow are descendants and variants of the original specimens brought to Hawaii in 1813, during the Kingdom era, by our High Chief Poki.  These are called “Typica,” a cultivar of Coffea arabica, which was once grown throughout Hawaii, prior to the sugar cane era; and later in the “Kona” district of the Big Island of Hawaii; the district name having become their brand.

We “wet-process” at HungryDog Coffee, that is, after the outer pulp is separated from the double seeds (“beans”) inside; the beans are placed in a water bath, and left to ferment.  The “floaters,” (defective or non-viable beans) are removed and thrown into composting piles. Finally the remaining beans are removed from the water bath, and placed on screen drying racks.  When the beans have dried sufficiently, they are referred to as “parchment,” due to the pale shell-like covering surrounding the inner bean.  This Parchment Coffee is Milled. We use a hand turned mill for this process.  “Green Coffee,” and “chaff” are products of the milling.  Green Coffee is bagged, and placed into our storage room ready for roasting, and the chaff is incorporated into media mixes for use in our nursery.


Iliahi (sandalwood) is our “Medium” (Full City+) roast.  Its profile was designed for smoothness, while retaining the complex range of flavor elements that belong to this great Hawaiian arabica bean.  This is simply an outstandingly good coffee, for mornings or for any other time of your day; alone, or as a compliment to other foods.

Lehua (“Ohia”)  is our “Dark” (Vienna) roast.  The roast profile for this coffee was designed so that the brewed beverage would present an easy sipping drink-ability, while adding roast influenced notes to our bean’s wide flavor profile.  (The boldness that dark roast drinkers prefer.)  This is the brew for folks who drink multiple cups during the day, and into the evening.
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